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King Charles spaniel Dog Breed Information

King Charles spaniel was originally developed in Britain and was one of the most favorite toy dogs among the British royal families. This breed is very small in size. They have very large and round shaped head. They have large square shaped jaw, and the teeth forms under bite. They have long hanging ears with feathery hair over them. The tail is either in natural form, or might be partially docked after birth. They have straight or wavy coat covered with featherings. They are available in different colours varying from tan and black combination, red and white combination, rich red and white with black and tan combination. They are very playful and sweet in nature. They are very calmed, intelligent and also polite. They should be treated very careful as they are very sensitive. This breed should be trained lovingly but with a firm attitude. They are friendly with children, and behave well if they are slightly dominated. They are not aggressive around other pets. They are good companion dogs. They are not very loud barkers and are also an average watch dog. They should be treated with strict diet, as they can turn out to be picky eater. The average height of a healthy King Charles spaniel is 27 cm, and the average height of this breed is 4.3 kg to 5.6 kg. They are comfortable with apartment life, and should be exercised daily. They are not good at living in extreme climate conditions. They should be taken out for daily walks. If you have kids, let the dog play with them as it will also cover the daily need exercise for this dog. If they are not properly exercised, they might show many signs of behavioural issues. Even though this dog is very small in size, they should not be dumped in a small area, if so they might get destructive. This breed is highly prone to respiratory problems, heart diseases, ear infections and slipped stifles. As they have very short muzzles, they can easily be affected by respiratory illness in hot weather conditions. The average lifespan of this breed is 1 years to 12 years.

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