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Kerry blue terrier Dog Breed Information

Kerry blue terrier was originally developed in Ireland in 1700s and the breed go t its name for the colour of its coat. They are also known as Irish blue terrier. This breed was used as working dogs, and also as small hunters. They were also used as farm dogs, watch dogs and family dogs. They have a muscular body and are medium in body size. They have a long head and flat skull. Their nostrils are very wide, which makes them good trackers. They have scissor bite teeth. They have small ears, which form the shape of V, and mostly the ears are taped, right after the birth. They have straight tail, which is mostly docked after the birth. They have long neck and wide shoulders. The coat over its body is soft, with wavy hairs. They are available in dark blue and also black colours. They are playful as well as calm dogs. They are very affectionate and caring towards its owner and also the family. They are very determined and love to be spoiled. They are very good guard dogs. They are watchful and attacks aggressively if the family or the owner is threatened. If properly trained and socialized, this breed will have no problem in remaining calm around strangers and other pets. They are not a good choice for inexperienced dog owners. They are not loud barkers, and do not bark without any particular reason. Training and daily exercises is a must of these dogs. The average height among male and female Kerry blue terriers are 47 cm to 51 cm and 45 cm to 48 cm respectively. The average weight among this breed is 16 kg to 19 kg. This breed can easily adapt to any style of living; both in closed apartments and in yards. This breed is originally very sporty, and requires their daily exercise. They should be taken for walks daily without any interruption. Grooming is also very necessary for this breed. They should be brushed and combed every day. It should also be kept in mind that, their ear hairs should be plucked out regularly or else can lead to ear infections. They should be bathed once in every week, or else they can get smelly. The main health conditions affecting this breed are hip dysplasia, cataracts and tumours. The average life span of a healthy Kerry blue terrier is 12 years to 15 years.

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