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Keeshond Dog Breed Information

Kesshond is believed to have originally developed in the arctic region. In the earlier days, this breed was used as guard dogs, and also as watch dogs in farms and decks. They are considered to be a combination of different breeds like, Chow Chow, Samoyed, Norwegian elkhound, Pomerian and Finnish Splitz. These dogs are very compactable. They have medium sized eyes and also triangular shaped ears. They have well proportionate medium sized muzzle. Their feet are rounded, and have a cat like appearance. The coat covering its body is long, as well as harsh in texture. They are mostly available in grey colour with shades of black. These dogs are very friendly towards humans especially children. Keeshonds are very energetic and also active. They are intelligent and also have a good personality. They are very keen towards their owner as well as to the family. They are very happy to indulge in plays with kids. They are very quick learners and hence are very easy to train. They require a calm but also firm trainer. They are generally calm around other household pets, but also needs to be socialized from an early stage to avoid them being shy or aggressive around strangers. They are loud barkers, and are a good choice as a guard dog, as they are very watchful and are always alert. They can get really stubborn, so control them from initial stage. Be careful that you donít over feed them. Daily exercise is very necessary for them to get mentally as well as physically stimulated. This breed is prone to many behavioural issues, so make sure that your Kesshond has none. The average height of a healthy Keeshond is 45 cm to 49 cm, and the average weight for these dogs is 27 to 30 kg. This breed prefers to live in cold climate, and hot climate can be very uncomfortable to them due to their thick coat. They can easily adjust in an apartment, provided that, they receive their daily exercise. Their coat should be brushed, at least twice a day. They are prone to many health issues such as heart diseases, hip dysplasia, and also many skin diseases. The average life expectancy of a healthy Keeshond is 12 years to 15 years.

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