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Kangal Dog Breed Information

Kangal dog was originally bred from Turkey, and is believed to be related to early mastiff breed dog. This breed was earlier used for guarding and protection purposes. They guard sheep and other flocks from predators like wolves, bears and jackals. This breed is free of cross breeding, and hence still occurs as a natural breed, and poses uniform appearance and discreet behaviour. They have large head, with wide hanging ears. They are double coated, and are short and quite dense. They are available in different coat colours varying from grey to light dun colour. This breed is very alert and defensive towards the family and the other pets they own. They are very loyal and easily bonds towards family. They are very courageous and also fearless when a threat attacks. They can be aggressive around other dogs, but are very joyful in the company of humans. They should be provided with proper socialization from an early stage, as a puppy in order to avoid aggressiveness around other dogs. In a healthy Kangal dog, the average height is 78 cm to 89 cm, and the average height in female dogs is 74- 77 cm. the average weight seen in male and female dogs are 52 kg to 67 kg, and 42 kg to55 kg. They are not good at living in apartments, or in enclosed rooms. They will require a large area to run around and be active. They are very protective around their owner and family. They enjoy the company of humans, especially of children. But they are very aggressive towards stray animals and also night time intruders. Exercise is very important for the physical and mental stimulation of these dogs. If they are being used as working dogs, then additional exercise will not be required, or else, daily walks, and running around the yard is recommended for this breed. If they do not get their daily dose of exercise, they might get hard to handle. Kangals does not require regular grooming sessions. Their coats should be brushed every day, in order to avoid unwanted skin infections. This breed is seasonal shedders. The life expectancy of a healthy Kangal dog is about 12 years to 15 years.

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