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Kai Ken Breed Information

Kai Ken is a breed, which was originally developed in Japan, and is also known as ToraInu; meaning the Tiger Dog. This breed is from the family of Japanese Splitz. They are considered to be rare species of dogs, are nowhere to be found even in their own native land. They were bred to serve the purpose of a hunting dog, and is also considered as one among the purest breeds. They usually hunt smaller animals like deer and hare. These dogs are average in size, and have round shaped heads with erect ears. The height of a healthy Kai Ken is considered as 19 inches to 23 inches, where as in the case of females, their height can vary from 18 inches to 21 inches. The tail of the dog is sickle shaped and also curled up slightly towards the end. They have very strong limbs, and is adapted to harsh mountain life. The coat covering its body is of medium length, and is harsh, and comes in various different colours, like red and black, which are known as Aka Tora, and Kurotora, respectively, and other colours coming in between them is called Chu tora. They have brindles, like stripes on their skin. Usually the colour of puppies is brown, and after five years of birth brindles are developed on them. This breed is generally very brilliant, watchful and fearless. They have natural instincts of a hunter, and are used as watchdogs, and guard dogs. They are very reserved, when among strangers, but can be very devoting and loyal towards their owners and families. They are very friendly and calm, when around children, and do not become aggressive around other pets. They are very good swimmers and are very happy to play in water. They should be properly trained, so that they canít run around hunting other animals. This breed is generally very proud, and hence they should be trained only using positive methods.The average life span of a healthy Kai Ken is, 12 to 15 years, and if proper care is taken, their life can be increased to more than 15.

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