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Jack Russell Terrier Breed Information

Jack Russell terrier, was originally developed in England, about two hundred years, and was commonly used as working dogs, and also for fox hunting. They have a smooth body, with rough and broken coat. They are easily misplaced either as Parson Russell Terrier and Russell Terrier. This breed is very energetic and enthusiastic, with fewer serious health conditions, and has many similarities with Fox Terrier. As they are working dogs, Jack Russell Terriers are strong, athletic, firm, and rugged. The average height and weight of these dogs are 26-28m and 5-8 kg respectively. They are compact and balanced in appearance. They are commonly found white in colour, with tan and black markings. This breed always appears to be sharp and alert; they are watchful dogs. They are very much intelligent and also fearless. They should be stimulated with proper exercises, if not they might become bore and tend to be destructive. This breed of dog is not suitable for unexperienced owners. They are very active, and are suitable as a sports dog. They should be properly socialized and trained, as they are stubborn and has a natural tendency to be aggressive around strangers and other small animals. They are better off in vast spaces, than in closed apartments, as exercise is very much necessary for them, and also they are barkers, and are not suitable in enclosed rooms. They should be provided with a playground or a large room to burn out their energy. They are very friendly towards children but can be aggressive if physical abuse is involved. They love digging, and are very efficient in digging big holes in short span of time. This breed compared to other Russell Terriers has a long life span of 14-16 years. But they have many health conditions due to the presence of recessive genes. The major health conditions involving this breed are, congenital deafness, myasthenia gravis, ectopialentis; an eye disease which can lead to the misplacement of lens in both eyes, patellar luxation; affecting the knee caps, Von Willebrand Disease, kidney failure, Legg Calve Perthes Syndrome, fatal anaemia, and ataxia.

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