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Italian Greyhound Breed Information

Italian Greyhound is a breed of dog from the sight hound family. The origins of this breed are unknown. They are smaller in size compared to other sight hounds. These dogs are very gentle and pleasant minded and very playful unlike other sight hounds. They love warm spots, ad have tendency to cuddle under blankets and beds. They have deep chest and tucked up stomach, with long slender legs, long pointed face, and a small head. They are miniature form of Greyhound. Their long legs make the good athletics and possess high speed in running. Their top is noted as 25 miles per hour. Italian Greyhounds are great companion dogs, and are very comfortable with both adults and kids. They prefer spacious areas rather than enclosed apartments. Like almost all the dogs, his breed also requires its daily dose of exercises. They also play the role of guard dogs. They might get aggressive in presence of strangers and small animals. They are very sensitive, and harsh behaviour towards them is not advised. They can be very demanding and stubborn if not properly trained. Their bark has a peculiar and unfamiliar sound. The coat of this breed is very short and also odourless, hence it should be bathed only once in every month, but its coat should be wiped with wet cloths every day, in order to avoid unnecessary infections. This breed should be given good dental care, and its teeth should be brushed every day. It has scissor bite jaw, and its jaw bones are very thin, which makes it prone to dental diseases. Major health conditions affecting them are, liver shunts, Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, colour dilution alopecia, progressive retinal atrophy, hypo thyroidism and cataracts. The average lifespan of this breed is about 14 years, but many of these dogs, die at an age of nine, mostly in accidents. They have very short and slim frame, which makes them very much fragile. This increases heir chance of getting injured during careless play with children. Hey have a very low bone density, which leads to frequent factures, so proper care should be taken of them.

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