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Irish Wolfhound Breed Information

Tallest of all dogs, Irish wolfhound breed is from the family of sighthounds. This breed was developed in Ireland in early 700 BC, to serve the porpoise of hunting and guarding. Even today use Irish Wolfhounds as hunting dogs. Other than being the tallest dog, it is also very large in its size. At present this greed is used as domestic pet. This breed possesses sharp sight, and unlike its size, it is very swift. The coat covering its body is very rough. These dogs are very masculine and powerful, with high carried neck, and slightly curved tail. This broad chested hound is available in variety of colours like, black, flawless, white, steel grey, red and also brindle. The average height for this breed is 32 inches in males, and 30 inches in female. They weigh about 105-120lbs. The personality of this breed is very different from other dogs. They are well known for their self-reliance, and personal obsession. Even though these dogs are large in size, they rarely cause any kind of destruction in enclosed spaces. They have a sharp mind and are very observing. They are quite by nature, and get easily attached with people. They are not the best guard dogs, and are not keen about individual space. They are quite gentle in nature, but if provoked can turn very destructive and dangerous. They have firm response, and are hence easy to train. They are well known as loyal, patient and affectionate dogs. Even though this breed doesn’t show any particular grudge towards strangers, if someone seem dangerous to the family, it becomes violent and ferocious. The lifespan of this breed, like most of the other Irish breeds, is short. The average lifespan of this breed is noted to be seven, and sometime is can vary from 6 years to 10 years. The major cause of death among the Irish wolfhound is dilated cardiomyopathy; a heart condition, where hear grows weak and stop pumping blood. And many also die due to bone cancer. The deep chest of this breed makes it prone to gastric torsion, or twisted stomach.

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