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Irish Water Spaniel Breed Information

Irish Water Spaniel, is one of the largest as well as oldest breeds of dog, and has also been certified as rare breed by AKC; American Kennel Club. This breed originated in Ireland, healthy and stocky in appearance. Its coat is covered with curly ad dense hair, which does not shed regularly. The colour variety of this breed varies from puce colour to purple, which is very rare in other breeds of dog. The moulting character of the dog makes it a suitable pet, even for people allergic to dogs. He long curls covering the head, eyes and the throat of the dog is a special character found only in this breed. The tail of the dog, is also distinguished and is shaped as a rat tail, and is free from coat, unlike rest of its body. The face of the dog is covered with soft and smooth coat. The leg of an Irish Water Spaniel is webbed, which helps it to be a powerful swimmer. The Irish Water Spaniel is a strong, smart breed of dog with high intelligence. This breed of dog is energetic, active and also very willing to please, which makes to easier to be trained and disciplined. This breed also gets along easier with other pets. As it has the ability of conveying ordinary matters in an extraordinary manners, and strange mannerisms, the Irish Water Spaniel is also known as the clown of the spaniel breed. This breed of dog is a good choice as family pet, and if proper training is provided they can also act as good guard dogs. The Irish Water Spaniel, is not known to be violent, but has a fearful bark. This breed requires good grooming and special care should be taken about their teeth, ears, and also nails. Regular walks and exercises should be provided to the breed to keep it healthy and strong, and also to ensure proper ringlets over its coat. Irish Water Spaniel, weighs about 25 to 30 kg, and also grows to a maximum height of 61 cm. The life span of this breed is noted to be 10 to 12 years.

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