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Irish Bull Terrier Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Ireland, has high resemblance to Staffordshire bull terrier. They were developed by the breeders of Ireland to be used in bull baiting and also for hunting purposes. This breed is now used as guard dogs, watch dogs and also as family companions. Irish bull terrier, are strong well built. They are muscular and also powerful. They have a broad head, with a short muzzle. The ears are small and also partially pricked. They have strong jaw, and also their teeth are set in scissor bite. They have a short and also muscular neck. They have hard padded paws. The body of this breed is covered with short coat, which is smooth and also sleek in texture. This breed is available in brindle, white, fawn, red and also brindle. Irish bull terrier is a friendly, happy minded and also fun loving breed. This breed is a very good family companion, as they are properly trained. They easily get attached. They are keen to please their master and the family. Irish bull terriers love the attention and also the care they are provided with. If this breed is not properly trained, then they might start acting stubborn and dominatingly. They love children and are happy to spend time with them. They should be careful with smaller animals, as they might hurt or get into a fight with them. You should socialize your pet so that they can be pleasant in front of strangers and also other animals. This breed should never be left alone for too long, as they are very curious about things and tends to experiment themselves, which in most cases ends up hurting themselves badly. The average height and weight of a healthy Irish bull terrier is 44 cm to 60 cm and 25 kg to 30 kg respectively. this breed is not suitable as an apartment pet, as they are very energetic and active breed, hence they might get destructive when confined in a smaller area. They are best off in a house with large yard. They should be taken out for daily exercises. This breed only needs the minimum grooming. They should be brushed daily. They are very healthy breed, and the average life expectancy of a healthy Irish bull terrier is 10 years to 16 years.

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