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Havanese Breed Information

This rare breed was originally developed in Cuba, and became popular around the year 1900. This breed is categorized in to the group of toy dogs. This breed is small in size, with strong legs. This breed is very swift in its movement. Their head is round in shape, with a short muzzle. The face of this breed is covered with long hairs, forming moustache and also beard around their face. Their ears are small and also low hanging. Even though, this breed is small in size, they are strong. Their teeth are set in scissor bite, and in some cases level bite can also be seen. The coat covering the body of this breed is long and also smooth in texture. The hair covering the body of this breed is long and also silky. This breed is very loving and affectionate. They are very caring towards their owners. This breed is naturally very calm and also gentle. They are very friendly towards children. Kids should be taught to be gentle with this breed. They can be aggressive towards strangers and also unfamiliar animals. This should be avoided with proper socializing lessons from an early age. They can easily develop small dog syndrome, and might also show aggressiveness, disobedience, and also stubbornness. This breed should be properly trained to avoid all kinds of behavioural disorders. They should trained by a calm and also firm trainer. This breed is sensitive towards harsh treatment. They are very devoted and loyal towards their family and also master. They tend to stay close to their master. The average height of healthy Havanese is 20 cm to 28 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 3 kg to 6 kg. This breed is perfect as apartment dogs. Even though this breed is small in size, you should make sure that they are properly exercised. If they are not properly exercised, they might become destructive. They should be taken out for daily walks. The coat of this breed should be brushed every day. This breed is prone to eye infections, PRA, and also health issues connected with liver and kidney. The average life span of a healthy havanese is 14 year to 15 years.

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