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German Spaniel Breed Information

Originally developed in Germany, this breed is also known as Deutscher Wachtelhund. German spaniels are not considered as spaniels by Germans, and are classified as stoberhund. Even so they are recognized as German spaniels by the American Kennel Club. This breed is very strong and also powerfully built. They are categorised as gun dogs. They are medium in size, and the coat covering their body is thick and also wavy in appearance. They were used to hunt down large animals like fox and wild boars. Their ears are long and hanging; covered with long hairs. They have a thick undercoat providing protection from rough terrine. They were mainly used as hunter dogs in the earlier days. They are very good trackers and also swift on their feet. German spaniels are very friendly and also calm in nature. They are playful and watchful when they are around children. They can be aggressive around strangers, and also other unfamiliar animals. To avoid his they should be socialized from an early stage. They should be kept away from smaller house hold pets. They are smart and also very intelligent. They are protective and also loyal to their master and also the family. They are fearless and also brave. The average height and weight of a healthy male German spaniel is 47 cm to 55 cm and 22 kg to 30 kg. In the case of female German spaniels, the average height and weight is 44 cm to 51 cm and 22 kg to 26 kg respectively. This breed is most suitable for rural areas, where they can run around and play. Thy love to stay close to the family, and hence it is better that they are kept inside the house rather than outside in a kennel. Being a hunting dog, this breed is very energetic and also active. They need their daily exercise o remain mentally and also physically stable. They should be taken out for daily walks and also occasional hunt in the woods. This breed should be regularly brushed and also combed. They should be bathed once in every month. The major health condition affecting this breed is hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 14 years.

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