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German Shepherd Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in German, and is available in three coat varieties, short haired, long haired and also wire haired. German Shepherds was registered in American Kennel Club, in the year 1908. They are powerful and also strong breed. They are muscular in appearance and also have an elongated body. Their teeth are set in scissor bite. They have wide ears. Their tail is bushy in appearance, and their feet are round and also hard padded. This breed is available in black and tan combination, and also some times in solid black colour. They were used as work dogs in the earlier days. They are watchful and extremely alert. They can be dangerously fearless at times. They are very keen to please and also obedient. They are very loyal and also devoted to their master. They are also highly protective of them, and always ready to sacrifice their life for their master. They can be aggressive towards strangers and also non canine animals; this can be avoided by proper socialization from an early age. They should be trained by a calm leader. They not a good choice for in experienced owners. They are gentle and playful with children, and are also a great family companion. They are very flexible in nature, and are used as guard dogs, companion dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, and also herd dogs. The average height and also weight of a healthy male German shepherd is 60 cm to 65 cm, and in case of females it is 55 cm to 61 cm. The average weight of this breed is 36 kg to 40 kg. This breed can never adjust in an apartment; they need a vast space to run around and to spend their energy. Exercise is an unavoidable factor for German shepherds, and they love it. They love to run around chase, and play. They should be taken out for daily walks and also jogs. They should be brushed and combed regularly. Their ears should be checked daily in case if there are any infections. This breed is prone to health conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and also dwarfism. The average life expectancy of this breed is 13 years.

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