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German Pinscher Breed Information

German Pinscher, was originally developed in Germany, around the year 1879. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in the year 2003. They were used as farm dogs to hunt rodents, and also as herd dogs. They were also used as watch dogs, guard dogs and as family companions. This breed is also called as Standard Pinscher. They are medium in size, and are also taller compared to other pinschers. Their head is wedge shaped. Their teeth form scissor bite. Their tail is usually docked right after birth. Their ears are either left natural or sometimes cropped after birth. Natural ears are folded, and forms a V shape, and at the same time, when the ears are cropped they stands erect. The coat covering the skin of this breed is smooth to touch and also glossy in appearance. They are available in fawn, brown and cream combination, black and tan combination, and also in red colour. They are very good companion dogs, and are also a rare breed. They are fearless and also smart. They are filled with energy and are active almost all the time. They are good barkers and are excellent guard dogs. If they are not trained properly they tend to get stubborn, they should be trained by a strong, calm and also confident leader, and are also not the best choice or an inexperienced owner. They are very conscious about their space and territory, and if their space or territory is being invaded, they might get aggressive and also destructive. They are usually friendly with the pets inside the house, but cane aggressive towards unfamiliar animals and will most probably hurt them. They should be properly socialized to avoid the problems with strangers and also unfamiliar animals. The average height of a healthy German Pinscher is 42 cm to 49 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 12 kg to 17 kg. They will do fine in apartments, if they are properly exercised. They should be taken out for daily walks and also for jogs. They should be brushed or combed daily. This breed is very healthy, and the average life span is 12 years to 14 years.

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