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French bull dog Breed Information

French bull dog or Frenchie, was originally developed in England around 19th century. They were also called toy bull dog, and was developed in the purpose of creating a smaller version of English bull dogs. They are very compact and also muscular in appearance. They have a large and also square shaped head with deep muzzle, and also a square jaw. Their teeth are set at under bite. The coat covering the body of this breed is short and also fine in texture. They have triangular shaped erect ears, which is round shaped at the ends. The either have a straight tail, or else the tail would be in the shape of corkscrew. They are deep chested. They are available in different colours varying from white, cream, fawn, and also black. They are generally calm and also pleasant in nature. They are good companion dogs and are also very playful and lovely. They can be loud and mischievous at times. They are smart and also very easy to handle. They enjoy the company of humans, and especially that of their master. They also enjoy the company of children and other dogs. They tend to become aggressive at certain times. They should be trained by calm, confident and also a firm leader. They are very hygienic, and are not god swimmers, so be careful not to leave them near swimming pools. They also love to chase rats and also other small animals. The average height of a healthy French bull dog is 30 cm to 32 cm, and the average weight of this breed varies from 9 kg to 10 kg and 10 kg to 13 kg. They are suitable for apartment life, but they must be taken out for walks. They cannot bear extreme cold or extreme hot temperature. They should be taken out for daily walks. They are very energetic, and also love to play with kids. They are very easy to groom and only requires minimum care. They should be brushed and also combed one every day. Their ears should be checked for any trace of infection. This breed is mainly prone to health conditions like heart disorders, eye infections and also spinal disorders. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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