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Fox Terrier (Smooth) Breed Information

Fox Terrier, was originally developed from the breed Dachshunds. This breed is one among the oldest breeds in the terrier family. They were developed in Britain, in around the 17th century. They were mainly used as farm dogs. They are available in smooth coat as well as in wire coat. The wire coated breed was mainly used for hunting purposes. The smooth coated fox terrier is comparatively vulnerable and fragile when compared to the wire coated once. The American Kennel Club recognized the smooth coated fox terrier in the year 1885 this breed is mainly used as watch dogs, hunters, family companions, and also as trackers. This breed is medium in their size, and is also very compact in appearance. They have flat skull. They have a tapering muzzle, and their teeth are set in scissor bite. They have small dropped ears, which forms a V shape. Their tail is usually docked right after their birth. Their coat is flat and also smooth. They are dense in texture, and are available in white colour with brown and also black markings. This breed is brave and also smart. They are friendly and also very affectionate. They are very playful when around children, and are perfect companions for them. They tend to stay close to the family members, and they love the attention they are given. They have natural hunting instincts, and hence can hurt or kill smaller animals like rabbits and hamsters. If they are properly socialized from an early age, then they can easily adjust with other pets in the home. They are very energetic and active. They are very keen to please, and easy to handle. They should be trained by strong and also confident owners. They are not suitable for in experienced dog owners. The average height and weight of a healthy male fox terrier is 36 cm to 41 cm, and 7 kg to 10 kg respectively. The average height and also weight of a female fox terrier is 33 cm to 39 cm, and 6 kg to 7 kg. They are comfortable in apartment, but they do require their daily exercise. They should be taken put for long walks and jogs. Daily exercise is very important for their mental and also physical stability. They are mainly prone to deafness, and the average life expectancy of this breed is 15 years.

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