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Finnish lapphund Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Finland, and was mainly used as herding dogs, to herd and control reindeers. They were also used as hunting companions and sledge carriers. This breed is from the family of Spitz dog. This breed is very difficult to find out of its native country. They are medium in size and also muscular in appearance. They have good sense of hearing and also smell. They are great watch dogs and also excellent trackers. This breed has erect ears, which are triangular in shape. The coat covering this breed is double coat. The outer coat is long and rough in texture, whereas the undercoat is soft and also fluffy in nature. They are available in almost all the colours, and the most common colours found on them are black, brown, cream red and sable. The tail of this breed is covered with long hairs and is curved towards the end. This breed is recognized also in many countries like USA, Britain, Europe, and also Australia. This breed is smart and also very intelligent. They are energetic, brave and active. They are obedient and also very keen to please to their owners. They are fast learners, and can be easily trained and handled. They are always alert and also watchful, which makes them excellent watch dogs. They might try to control or dominate you at certain times; this should be avoided by proper training. They should be trained by experienced and also firm trainer. They are not a good choice for inexperienced owners. They are friendly and also calm towards children. They can get aggressive or shy around strangers; this should be avoided by proper socialization, and also care. They are not suitable as apartment dogs. They at least require a large yard to run around and burn their energy. They are not suitable for extreme hot climate. This breed tends to stay close to the family and hence they should be let in the house rather than out in the kennel. They are very easy to groom and their coat is rough and also suitable for all terrines. They should be brushed and also combed daily. This breed is generally very healthy and the average life expectancy of this breed is 16 years to 17 years.

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