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Finnish Spitz Breed Information

Finnish Spitz dog was also known as Soumenpystrykova, and as barking bird dog. They were originally bred in Finland. This breed was used as hunter dogs in the earlier days. It was recognized by American Kennel Club in the year 1987. This breed has great resemblance towards fox. They are muscular as well as square in appearance. They have a flat head, with a narrow muzzle. Their teeth are set in scissor bite. Their ears are erect as well as high set. They are deep chested, and the tail is plumed. The skin of the breed is double coated with short and soft undercoat and harsh and long outer coat. Their feet are round and catlike. They are available in various colours like, brown, golden brown, honey colour, and also yellowish red colour. They might also have white markings on their body. This breed is highly energetic and active. They are always playful and are very keen to please their master. They are also gentle and calm in their nature. They are basically hunting dogs, but is also a great choice as a family dog. They are cam and playful when they are around children. At certain times they ca e come very protective and stubborn towards their master, and in order to avoid that, they should be properly trained. This breed should be trained by a calm, confident and also firm owner. They are considerably cam, when they are with other household pets, but might turn aggressive or reserved when they are among unfamiliar people. They should be properly socialized from initial stage to avoid behaviour disorders. They are very loyal towards their master and also the family. They are always very watchful and alert, which makes them great watchdogs. They are very loud and also frequent masters. They are well known to alert their master with loud barks. The average weight and height of a healthy Finnish spitz is 39 cm to 52 cm and 14 cm to 16 cm. They are not suitable to live in an apartment as they are frequent and loud barkers. They will do best in country side. Daily exercise is compulsory for this breed. They should be taken out for long walks daily. They are generally a healthy breed. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 15 years.

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