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Field Spaniels Breed Information

Field Spaniels was originally developed in England, around the year 1800, and is believed to have descended from English cocker Spaniel. They were used to retrieve, as well as flush fur and also feather from both land and also water. They were also used as watch dogs, hunter dogs, retrievers and also as trackers. These dogs are medium in their size, and have a wide skull. Their muzzles are strong and also leaner. Their teeth are set either in scissor bite or in level bite. Their ears are hanging, and are medium in length. They have lot of feathering in the ears. . Their neck is very strong and also muscular in appearance. Their tail is most of the time docked right after birth. The coat covering the body of this breed is medium in length and wavy in texture. They are available in different colours like liver, bronze, brown and also red. Some are also available with tan markings on them. They are very energetic, and active in nature. They have an independent mind, but are very pleasant and playful. These dogs are smart and fearless. They are an excellent choice as family dogs. They should be provided with proper training and also socialization. They are usually reserved towards strangers and are aggressive when near other animals. They need a firm as well as confident leader, or else they might tend to get odd behaviours. They are also very sensitive in nature; hence the owner should be calm with them. The average height of a healthy Field spaniel is 44 cm to 46 cm and the average weight of this breed is 16 kg to 23 kg. They are not suitable for apartment life, and are best with a large yard to run around and play. They should not be kept in a kennel, as they tend to stay in with the family. They need lot of exercise, to be healthy and also happy. They should be taken out for daily walks and jogs, in order to avoid boredom. They should be regularly combed and also brushed. They are prone to hip dysplasia, and are also easily affected by ear infections. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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