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Eurasier Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Germany, around the year 1960. Eurasierwas bred from, Chow chow, Keshound and also Samoyed. Eurasier was bred from the family of splitz type dog. They are medium sized dog, and are also muscular in appearance. They are double coated with thick under coat covering the body of the dog and also a short coat covering the face and the muzzle part. They have prick ears and are available in various range of colour, including black and tan combination, plan black, red and also grey. They have loose hair covering their body. They have longer coat on their neck compared to their body, which is covered with medium length hair. Their tail, back legs and also front legs ae covered with featherings and long hair. The average height of a healthy male Eurasier is 50 cm to 60 cm, and weighs about 23 kg to 33 kg. And in the case of female Euraiser the average height and weight are, 48 cm to 56 cm and 18 kg to 27 kg respectively. They are very gentle and also calm dogs. They are good watch dogs, being watchful and alert always. They are neither shy nor aggressive when around strangers; they are usually reserved when among unfamiliar people. They tend to stay close with their owner and also other family members. They understand but yet string minded. They can be easily trained, hence they are very eager to please their owner. In the earlier days, this breed was used as companion dog. And in some areas, they were also used as working dogs and sledge dogs. This breed is not suitable for harsh treatment. They are sensitive and also requires soft but firm owner to train them. They are playful and energetic, and hence they should not be bided or chained up all the time. This breed can happily live in an apartment given that they are provided with proper exercise, and also training. If they do not get sufficient exercise, then they tend to get destructive and also lazy. They should be taken out n long walks and also jogs. They are usually prone to hip dysplasia, entropion, and also hypothyroidism. The average life expectancy of this breed is 11 years to 13 years.

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