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English foxhound Dog Breed Information

English foxhound was originally developed in Great Britain, around 1800s, and was used for hunting purposes. They were bred from a variety of breeds such as, Fox terrier, Bull Dog, and also Grey Hound. They have immense stamina, and are also good trackers, with great sense of smell. They are very athletic, and can run nonstop for several hours. They are very alert, and were also used as watchdogs. They have a wide skull, with a ling muzzle. They have wide nostrils, which makes them great trackers. Their teeth possess scissor bite. They have low hanging ears, which are sometimes cut round after birth. Their feet are catlike, which makes them swift. They have long tail, which is set high. The coat covering the body of this breed is short and hard in texture and is available in black, tan and white combination. They are very passionate hunters, and also courageous in nature. They are very energetic, and hence require daily exercise to keep them active. They very keen to please their master and are generally obedient. They enjoy the company of humans, and especially happy with children. They are equally comfortable with other pets, which makes them excellent household pets. If they are not provided sufficient exercise, they can be very destructive. This breed is to be trained by calm and also authorities trainer, if not this breed cannot be trained properly. The average height of a healthy male English foxhound is 57 cm to 64 cm, and in case of females, it is 54 cm to 62 cm. the average weight of this breed is 29 kg to 32 kg. They are not a good choice if you are living in an apartment. They need lot of space to run around and burn their energy. They have very short as well as hard textured coat. They should be regularly brushed or combed, and they can be bathed once in a week or two weeks. This breed is generally noted to be healthy and the average life span of English foxhound is 10 years, or may be less than that.

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