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English springer spaniel Breed Information

The English springer spaniel is the foremost of all the hunting spaniels. This breed was developed in Europe, during Renaissance. They were used as hunting dogs. They hunt on both land and water. They are also used as watch dogs and retrievers during hunting. They are calm, obedient and slightly competitive. They are also very good at performing tricks. They are very compact and medium in size. There skull is board and flat on the top portion. Their teeth form scissor bite. Their ears are long and hanging. They have deep chest. Their tails are generally docked after birth. The coat covering their body is of average length. There are feathering over their ears legs and also cheeks. They are available in different colours like white, black and white combination, and also white with black markings. They are gentle, and very friendly in nature. They are playful with children and can easily become friends with them. They are very obedient intelligent and also willing. They are fast learners, and also good observers. They are energetic, fearless and also playful. They are very sincere and also loyal towards its owners and also family. They do not respond well to rough trainings, thy need calm and firm trainer to lead them. They should be well socialized or else can be shy around strangers. They are calm and also friendly towards other pets. The average height and weight of male English singer spaniel is 48 cm to 57 cm and 21 kg to 27 kg respectively. In case of females the average height and weight are 47 cm to 52 cm and 19 kg to 24 kg. They can happily live in an apartment if they are provided with daily exercises. They need loads of exercise to be happy and active. They should be taken out for regular walks, jogs and also for occasional swims. The major health conditions concerning this breed are, PRA, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, HD and also PFK. Be sure that you do not overfeed that, they might get eating disorders. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 14 years.

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