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English Shepherd Breed Information

This breed is considered as the purest Roman breed of shepherd dogs. They were used to guard cattle and livestock. They were also used as guard dogs. This breed was brought to Britain, by Ceaser, during his invasion in the year 55 BC. This breed is considered as a rare breed English shepherd is very courageous breed of dogs. They are highly energetic, gritty and active. They are very obedient in nature and they act only according to the commands given by their master. They are good work dogs, and also acts as farm dogs. They are always alert and watchful when among strangers. They have good sense of smell and are great trackers. In the earlier days, they were used to track down and retrieve hunted games. They are good family dogs, but are also used as hunting dogs. They are also good athletes, and are very swift in action. They enjoy the company of other dogs and are also not aggressive around other household pets. They are reserved when around unfamiliar people in order to avoid this; they require firm and calm training and also proper socialization. They are very protective and loyal towards their owner as well as the family. The average height and weight of a healthy male English shepherd is 19 inches to 23 inches, and 47 pounds to 61 pounds. In case of female English shepherds, the height is the same as that of the male, but weight varies from 42 pounds to 53 pounds. English shepherds are comfortable even in an apartment, but they should be strictly provided with regular exercise. It would be better if you at least have a small yard. They should be taken out for a daily walk ad also occasional off the leash play in the park. The major health conditions affecting this breeds are, Hip dysplasia, and also elbow dysplasia. So be sure that when you chose your puppy, they are certified by OFA or GDC; which indicates that they are free from this disease. They can also be sensitive to certain drugs, which can cause health problems and also kill them.

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