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English Setter Dog Breed Information

English setter was originally developed in France in the year 1500. They were bred from French pointer and Spanish pointer. They were also known as the Setting spaniels. They are great trackers and also watch dogs. They were also used as hunters and also retrievers. This breed is very handsome and also fun loving. They are good gun dog hunters. They have an oval shaped skull, and also long muzzle. They have wide nostrils, which helps makes them great trackers. Their teeth set in scissor bite; they have low hung ears, and are also covered with long hairs. They have wide and deep chest. Their tail is long and wide towards the end, with lots of feathering. The coat covering their body is silky and also wavy. They are available in orange, black, white and brown colours. They are very swift and also good working dogs. This breed is generally calm and also gentle. They can be comfortable in hot as well as cold climate. They love care and are very comfortable with children. They are very active outside but are normally inactive when they are indoors. They can get stubborn sometimes. They should be trained properly from an early age, or else they can be difficult to house break. The owner should be slightly dominant over this breed but should be careful not to overdo it, as they are very sensitive. They are loud barkers and can be nuisance sometimes. The average height and weight of a male English setter is 62 cm to 69 cm and the average weight is 16 kg to 27 kg. The average height and weight of a healthy female English setter is 59 cm to 67 cm and 22 kg to 32 kg respectively. They cannot adjust in a small space like an apartment; they need a large yard to spend off their energy. They need their daily exercise to keep them happy and also active. Daily walking and jogging can be very refreshing for them. They are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, false pregnancies, and also mast cell tumours. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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