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English Pointer Dog Breed Information

English pointer is believed to have developed in England in 1650. They were bred foxhound, greyhound, Italian pointer, blood hound, newfound land, bull dog, and setter. They were used as hunter dogs in the earlier periods. They are very good trackers, and are swift in their movements. They are not goods swimmers and prefer dry land over wet areas. The English pointers are very powerful in nature. They have wide head with long muzzle. They are deep chested and have long neck. Their teeth form scissor bite. Their ears are low and hanging. They have wide tail, which tapering towards the end. The coat covering its body is short, but smooth and dense. They are available in different colours varying from black to liver red. This breed is usually energetic and very active, which makes them great hunters. They are usually calm and gentle in nature, but can be destructive if they are not provided with sufficient exercise. They are intelligent, smart and alert. They are highly loyal and devoted to their owners. And also they are patient and loving towards children. They can get aggressive around strangers and also other animals, in order to avoid this; they should be socialized from very early age. They should be trained to become mentally stable and confident. They are very protective of their owner and the family, but are not usually considered as watchdog. The average height of a male English pointer is 56 cm to 63 cm, and in case of female the average height is 55 cm to 61 cm. the average weight for a healthy English pointer is 22 kg to 32 kg. This dog is not suitable for apartment life, as they need at least a large yard to burn off their energy. They are very active, and hence in order to keep them happy they should be provided with adequate exercise. They should be taken for long walks or jogs every day. They are not good swimmers and hence should be kept away from water bodies. The major health issues affecting this breed are, hip dysplasia, skin infections, dwarfism, and also thyroid problems. The average life expectancy of a healthy English pointer is 13 years to 14 years.

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