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English Coonhound Dog Breed Information

English coonhound was first developed England and was used in fox hunting. They can easily adapt to the hard conditions, which is required for hunting. This breed has very short coat, which is hard in texture. They are available in many different colours like white with black combination, white with red combination, and also white with blue combination. They have a unique bark, which is alike to the bawl of a hound. Their tail is medium in length. They are very pleasant in nature, and also watchful. They have tons of energy in them and are very active most of the time. They are very keen to please their owners and are hence very easy to be trained. They are very athletic, and also an excellent hunter. They are also very devoted to their family, and are an excellent choice as a companion dog. They are also good watch dogs. They are also calm in the company of children. Training is an unavoidable for this breed. They can get reserved among strangers, so socialization is very important for them. The average height of a healthy an English coonhound is 54 cm to 71 cm, and the average weight for this breed is 19 kg to 31 kg. They are not at all suitable for apartment life. They need their daily exercise in order to spend their energy. If they are not provided with proper exercise, then they might get destructive. When they are being taken for walks, make sure that you keep them on leash, as they have a tendency to wander off chasing smaller animals. They have very short and hard coat, hence is very easy to handle and groom this breed. They should be combed or brushed daily, and also after exercise, or long walks, their coat should be wiped out with wet cloth in order to get rid of the dust, and this will also help to prevent skin infections on the breed. The average life expectancy of a healthy English coonhound is about 11 years to 12 years.

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