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English Cocker Spaniel Breed Information

One of the oldest living spaniels, English cocker spaniel, was imported to England. This dog was generally used as a hunting dog, in the earlier time. They can hunt in both wet and dry region, which makes it easier to handle, and carry around. They are also good trackers, with great sense of smell. They were and also are used as watch dogs. They are average sized dogs. They have flattened head and firm muzzle. Their teeth are of scissor bite and are also level bite. They have low hanging ears with long hairs covering it. English cocker spaniels are deep chested. Their tail is usually docked after birth. They are available in different varieties of colour, black, liver coloured, and also which with black and brown speckles. This dog is very intelligent, and watchful. They are really pleasant and playful and also are very good with kids. They are very keen to obey their owners and are also not very audible barkers. They can be very aggressive towards stranger, but this problem can be solved using adequate socializing measures. If trained properly they can also get along with other family pets. These dogs are very energetic and need their daily dose of exercise. This breed needs a calm, gentle but firm trainer to keep it at leash. The average height of a healthy English cocker spaniel is about 16-17 inches, and about 34 pounds in weight. For the females in the breed, the average height is 15-17 inches, and the average weight is 27 and 33 pounds. They are happy in both indoors and outdoors, if they are provided with adequate exercise. Their coats should be regularly brushed and combed. They should be bathed at least once in a week or whenever seen necessary. Their ears should be regularly checked for any signs of infection, and also should be cleaned every day. The major health conditions affecting this breed is skin allergies, hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, heart murmurs patellar lunation. The average life span of a healthy English cocker spaniel is 11 years to 13 years.

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