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Elo Breed Information

Elo, is a modern dog breed, which was formed from the combination of Eurasia Samoyeds, Bobtail and Chow Chow. This breed was originally developed in Germany in the 19th century. The purpose of creating this breed was to have a small, charming family dog, which can also be used as a hunter dog. Today, this breed is used as hunter companion, family dog, and also as guards. Even though they are small in size, they are very strong as well as protective. They are very friendly towards children and will easily mingle with human. An average healthy Elo, will have a height varying from 36 cm to 60 cm, and the weight of an average Elo will be about 10kg to 25 kg. The colour of its coat varies from white on its front body part and usually red or brown on the lower part with patches on it. The hair on the body of this breed can be flat or wired. The flat haired breed can have short or medium length hair, and wired haired breed can have longer hair. They have medium long hair with slight curve on its end. These dogs are very friendly around humans and can be easily trained. They are usually very calm around strangers and other animals. If not socialized from an early age, this breed could get shy around strangers. They can easily adjust in an apartment, but should be properly exercised. Daily walks around the yard or playground can make these dogs happy. They are very watchful, hence can also be used as guard dogs. As being hunters, they have a natural tendency to hunt animals smaller than them; hence proper training should be given regarding this if you have other pets in the house. This breed being hairy needs proper and regular grooming. They should be brushed or combed every day, in order to avoid infections, and must be bathed once in every week. This is a rare breed, and possesses the effects of inbreeding depression, which is generally hereditary. There are also prone to Distichia, in which the cornea of the dog is damaged.

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