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East Siberian Laika Breed Information

East Siberian Laika, was originally developed in Russia, and these dogs are considered as primitive breed. They are very closely related to wolves and are believed to be bred from them. They were developed to serve the purpose of hunting. They are very strong powerful and swift. They are also very large in size. The average height of a male dog is about 23-27 inches, where as in the case of females it is 22-24 inches. The average weight of this dog is about 45-47lbs. the coat covering its body is rough to protect it from the extremely cold climate. The tail of this breed is covered with longer hairs. The colour of its coat may vary from, red, black, grey and also different shades of brown They are natural hunting dogs, and have a natural tendency to hunt, especially smaller animals. They are very strong, powerful and brilliant. They have a wolf like appearance. They do not require any additional care and had been one of the best choices as hunting dog. When compared to other four Laikas, this one is more calm and friendly towards humans. They can be used as watch dogs or guard dogs, as they tend to be aggressive around strangers. They are very loyal and devoted to owner and its family. They love to walk and hike as a companion with its master. They are good trackers and can detect the presence of any predators. They are not comfortable in the presence of other animals especially other dogs, they tend to get aggressive and also violent. They are very conscious about their space and tend to create their own territory. Training and socializing is very important for this breed to reduce its affinity towards hunting. They shed lots of hairs and therefore regular grooming is suggested. They should be properly trimmed regularly and also should be brushed every day. These are considered as one of the healthiest breeds of dog. Even so they can be affected by minor diseases like, monorchidism, in which the dog only has one testicle, and also umbical hernia. The average life span of East Siberian Laika is 10 years to 12 years

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