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Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed Information

The Dutch Shepherd dog, the most effect and capable of all other shepherd dog, are very similar to Belgian Shepherd dogs, but are not as famous as those. The number of dogs from this reed even in Netherlands; its place of origin is limited. They have quick reflexes, and are well known as excellent herders. This breed was originally developed in Netherlands in 1800s to serve the purpose of hunting, guarding and cart pulling. Generally based on the appearance there are three kinds of Dutch Shepherd dogs; short haired, long haired and wired haired. The long haired Dutch shepherds have, long and straight hairs on harsh coat. The short haired Dutch shepherds have hard coats with short hairs on it. And the wired haired Dutch shepherd has dense and harsh coat embedded with curly hairs. Their coats can survive in all kinds of weather, so this breed can adapt more easily than others. They have very firm body. They have long muzzle, and sharp teeth with scissor cut bite. They have slightly curve tails and are deep chested. Their stomachs are usually tucked up. They have oval feet, with arched toes. They are quick and graceful, very obedient and also have a natural tendency to compete. They have obsession towards their own territory and requires an independent space. They are very loyal and protective towards their master and family. They are usually happy dogs and are very cunning. They easily mingle with kids and are friendly with them. They are very eager to learn and obey, and hence they are much easier to handle and train. They are both comfortable in an apartment and open areas, but sufficient exercise should be provided. They should be properly trained and also socialized, as this breed could be aggressive around people other than family. Long haired and short haired Dutch shepherds requires regular grooming, which includes brushing and trimming, or else there are chances of skin infections. In the case of wired haired Dutch shepherds, regular lucking is required, they are not to be brushed, but combing is suggested. The average life span of a healthy Dutch shepherd dog is 13 years to 16 years

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