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Dunker Breed Information

Dunker, a medium sized breed of dog, also known as Norwegian Hound, was originally developed in Norway. It is a member of the scent hound family. Dunkers, were breed to hunt hares and smaller animas in the nineteenth century. It is medium in size, with an apt head, and square cut long muzzle. They have evenly arranged teeth, with scissor bite. They have wide nostrils with powerful reliability on scent. This breed has low hung ears. Dunkers have long neck, and arched feet with firm pads. They have long tails with slight tapering and curve towards the end. They are masculine and powerful, but are not heavy or chubby. Dunkers have hard and straight coats. Their coat is short but not too short. They are mostly available in black colour, with pale white, markings on it. The average weight of a Dunker varies from 16-18 kg, and the average height of a male Dunker is 53-55 cm and in the case of female it changes to 48-52 cm. Dunkers are quite and gentle dogs, hence easily mingle up with families. They are usually very calm, but if threatened can be aggressive. They are loyal protective towards their owner. They are not usually used as guard dogs, but if proper training is provided, they can be used as one. Exercise and training is unavoidable for this breed. Daily walking or jogging is highly recommended for them. If proper training is not provided for them, they may practise undesirable behaviours. They are extremely shy around strangers. Its coat is short so trimming is not recommended. Other than brushing no regular grooming is recommended. After exercise sessions, their coat should be rubbed off with wet cloth, in order to avoid skin infections. Their teeth should be brushed regularly and if necessary nails can be clipped. The major health concern of this breed is deafness. About 75 percent of this breed is either half deaf or completely deaf. Hip dysplasia, is also another major health issue for this breed.

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