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Drever Breed Information

Drever was first developed in Sweden as a hunting dog, for hunting deer and other small animals. They are short legged, and are from the family of scent hound. They have elongated body but short legs, which never bend, even so these donít affect their performance as a great work dog. They have short coat, with neat fur, and they are available in almost all the colours with white marking on it. This breed has long tail and dropped ears. This breed was mainly developed for hinting purpose, and their game varies to different sizes, starting from a small hare, to a roe deer. Their short legs are the main highlight which makes them good hunters, as it helps them move slowly, creating very little sound. This breed is usually used as a hunting dog, and is seldom seen as house pets. These dogs have barks which are louder than what its size would guarantee. Being hunting dogs, exercise plays an important role in the health of this breed. They must be walked regularly in order to increase their pack of stamina. A play in the park will also be a good exercise for them. Their coat should be washed down regularly using a wet cloth, and their coat should be brushed every day to remove dead hair cuticles, or else it will cause infections. This breed is not usually shy or highly aggressive; they are very alert, friendly and watchful. They are considered very loyal and protective to the owner. If proper training is provided, this dog can be used as a family pet. These are great trackers and have great affinity in catching scents. If proper training is not provided to this breed, it may grow stubborn and unhealthy. They are active both in indoors and outdoors, and have no problem in living in apartments. The average height of this breed is 12 to 17inches, and its average weight is 34 pounds. The average lifespan of a healthy Drever is 13 years to 15 years. As they are hunting dogs they are not prone to many diseases.

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