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Doberman Pinscher Breed Information

The Doberman Pinscher, or simply called the Doberman, originally developed in Germany, somewhere around the year 1890. This breed can be said as the most commonly found breed, and is well known for its vigilance, obedience, and intellect. This breed is mostly used as companion dogs, guards and also police dogs. It is an energetic as well as lively breed which can be used as a family dog, or can be trained in to one of the best guards. The body of Doberman is medium sized, with square build structure, and a short coat. They are predominantly formed, and are athletics. This breed is also noted to be patient, but swift. The male dogs are masculine, and the females are comparatively thin but are tall. The average height of a healthy Doberman is 28 inches, and the average weight should be, 42 to 47 for males and 33 to 35 for females. Usually this breed is available in two different colours, black and colour dilution. This breed is available in nine different colour combinations. The natural tail of this breed is long, but they are cut short in the process docking, a surgical process in which the tail of the dog detached shortly after its birth. Itís a common practise done in Doberman. Normally this breed has low hanging ears, but are mostly cropped by a method called ear cropping, which makes the ears erect. This breed has been marked as professional protection dog, since long. Their characters are usually fearless and intimidating, and they are very protective of their master. They are obedient and always for the command of their master before they perform a duty. They are highly loyal, and act aggressively around strange people and animals. Other than guard dogs, they can also be used as housedogs, as they are very lively playful and also watchful. This breed has been, ranked as first in terms of canine intelligence, and is very active in solving mental tasks, unlike any other breeds. Usually this breed is affected by a number of health concerns like, dilated cardiomyopathy, Von Willebrandís disease; a deadly bleeding disease seen in dogs, and also cervical vertebral instability. The average life span of a healthy Doberman can vary from 11 years to 13 years.

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