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Dachshunds Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in England, around in the 19th century. They were basically used as trackers, and mainly to track racoons. They are the members of the family of scent hounds, and they have an excellent sense of smell. They were also used as working dogs. They were also used to hunt animals like deer, mountain lions and bears. They easily adapted to rough and hard terrines. This breed is medium in size and also very compact. They are powerfully built and have a muscular body. Their head is oval in shape, with a broad and also muzzle. Their teeth are set either in scissor bite or in level bite. They have a powerful jaw. They have wide nostrils, which contributes towards the tracking skills of this breed. This breed has floppy and also large ears. Their toes are well arched and also round in shape, and help them to be swift. The coat covering the body of this breed is short and also smooth in texture. This breed is available in the combination of black and tan, and also black, white and tan. This breed is always happy and also gentle. They are very keen learners, and are intelligent breed. They are always full of doubts. They are curious of almost all the things. They are barkers. They are very much loving and also affectionate towards their family and their master. They are also friendly towards children. They can become stubborn and might also develop behavioural disorders at certain times. This can be due to the lack of proper training. This breed should be trained by a firm, confident and also calm leader, as this breed is very sensitive to harsh treatment. They love to stay close to their master and the family. They might become aggressive towards strangers and also unfamiliar animals, especially smaller animals. This should be avoided by providing your Coonhounds with proper socializing lessons, from an early age. The average height and weight of this breed is 32 cm to 44 cm, and 22 kg to 31 kg respectively. This breed is not suitable for apartment life and is also not a perfect choice for in experienced. This breed should be properly exercised as they are very energetic. They should be taken out for regular walks and also jogs. They are very easy to groom. They should be brushed and combed. They are prone to ear infections, entropions, and also to hip dysplasia. The average life span of this breed is 15 years.

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