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Clumber Spaniel Breed Information

This breed is believed to have originated in France around the year 1768. They are believed to have bred from, St. Bernad, Bassset Hounds, and also Alpine Spaniel. This breed is very rare, both in the native land and also out. This breed was recognized by the American kennel club on the year 1884. This breed is massive and also very heavy. They have a broad and large head, and their muzzle was wide and deep. The teeth of this breed form scissor bite. They have a powerful and also well-developed jaw. Their ears are hanging and are triangular in shape. Their neck is muscular in appearance. Their tail is usually docked right after birth. The coat covering the body of this breed is soft and also straight. They are available in white colour with lemon and also orange markings. This breed is cheerful and sweet. They are calm and also gentle in nature. They are intelligent and also smart. They are very loving and affectionate towards its master and also family. They get easily attached to the family. They are very keen to please their master, and tend to stay close to him. They love to play and spent time with children and can be an excellent companion for kids. They can be reserved among strangers and this can be avoided by proper socializing lessons, which should be provided from an early age. They are very loyal as well as devoted towards their master. At times they can be very protective and also defensive of their master. They are very watchful and also alert all the time. They can adjust in an apartment, provided that, they are properly exercised. They should be taken out for regular walks and also jogs. They should be also provided with occasional off the leash play. They should be brushed or combed daily. Their ears should be checked and also cleaned regularly to avoid any chance of infection. The average height and also weight of this breed is 41 cm to 51 cm and 25 kg to 40 kg. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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