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Cierny Sery Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in the 1981 by Zdena Seryova. This breed was bred from German shepherd dogs, Belgian shepherd dog and Schnauzer. This breed is basically working dogs and also herds dogs. They were used in farms to control cattle and other livestock. This breed has a long and narrow had with a long muzzle, which tapers towards the end, reaching the nose. Their ears are erect and also long, forming the shape of a triangle. They have strong as well as muscular neck. This breed is medium in size, and is well built. They are muscular in appearance. They have strong also arched toes. They have padded feet, which helped them to run in rough terrine. They have medium size tail, which is slightly curved at the end, and is covered with long hairs. The teeth of this breed are set in scissor bite. The coat covering the body of this dog is thick and also dense in appearance. Based on the coat of this breed, there are three varieties of Cierny Sery. The first one is short coated; the second one is long coated. And the last one is rough coated. This breed is available in black colour, and in certain cases, brown and white marking can be found on their body. This breed is very powerful and strong in appearance, but gentle and calm in their appearance. They are very loving and also caring towards their master. They get easily attached to their master and also family. They love the attention and also the care given to them. They are very keen to please their mater. They are intelligent, smart and brave. They are fearless and also protective of their master. They are very devoted and loyal to their master and also family. They should be properly trained and also socialized. The average height and weight of a healthy male Cierny Sery is 59 cm to 67 cm and 25 kg to 30 kg. In case of female dogs, the average height and also weight of this breed is 56 cm to 62 cm and 20 kg to 25 kg. They can adjust in an apartment, as long as they are provided with sufficient exercise. This breed is generally very healthy breed and their average life expectancy is 13 years to 15 years.

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