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Chow Chow Breed Information

Chow chow is a very old and also ancient. The origin of this breed is still unknown to the world, and is believed to have existed from 206 BC. This breed was used in the earlier days as working dogs, and also hunter dogs, to hunt foxes. They are also used guard dogs and watch dogs. This breed is small in size, but is stocky. This breed has a unique character, which is its blue tongue. They have a large head, with a broad muzzle. The neck of this breed is covered with hairs, which looks like the mane of a lion. The ears of this breed are small, and are erect, forming small triangles, at the either sides of their head. They have wide nostrils, making them good trackers. The teeth of this breed form scissor bite. The coat covering the body of this breed s available in two kinds, they can be furry and dense coated or smooth coated. They are available in golden, brindle brown, tan, white and also grey colour. They are confident and gentle breed. They are calm, sweet natured and also affectionate. This breed can easily go astray, and hence they should be properly trained. They should be trained by a firm and also confident trainer. They should never be submitted to harsh treatment as they are very sensitive. This breed gets easily attached to the family and also their master. This breed is very loyal and devoted. They are gentle and also caring towards children. They can become excellent companions for them. They should be socialized properly in order to avoid any kind of unwanted aggressions towards strangers and also other pets. The average height of a healthy chow chow, is 46 cm to 56 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 20 kg to 32 kg. This breed is perfect for apartment life, but they should be provided with proper exercises. They are working dogs and are very energetic, and so they need to be given regular exercise, to keep them physically and also mentally stable. This breed is prone to health conditions like hip dysplasia, entropion and also heart diseases. The average life expectancy of this breed is 15 years.

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