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Chinese Chongqing dog Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in China, and is a rare breed out of the native country. This breed was developed during the period of Han dynasty. This breed, in the earlier days, was used as hunting dogs, and also as guardian dogs. They were also used as working dogs, and also as companion dogs. This breed has high resemblance towards bull dogs. This breed is medium in size, and they are very compact. They have long as well as erect ears, and they are triangular in shape. Their teeth are set in scissor bite, and in some cases undershot can also be seen. The coat covering the body of the breed is thin and also smooth in texture. They are available in mahogany colour. This breed is very intelligent and smart. They are hardworking, and also very active. This breed can be fearless and brave. This breed is gentle and calm around children, as long as the kids behave properly and avoid hurting them. They can be aggressive and also reserved around strangers. This should be avoided with proper socializing measures, from an early stage. This breed might act fearless and also protective of their master. They are easily attached towards the family, and are loving and affectionate towards them. This breed is alert and watchful all the time. They make perfect watch dogs. They are primarily used as guarding dogs. They will give everything to save and protect you. This breed is very loyal as well as devoted towards the master. They are keen to please their owner, and hence should be trained by a strong and also calm trainer. This breed is very easy to handle and train. The average height and weight of a healthy male Chinese Chongqing dog is 40 cm to 50 cm, 20 kg to 25 kg, respectively. In case of female dogs in this breed, the average height and weight is 36 cm to 40 cm, and 15 kg to 20 kg. They can adjust well in an apartment, as long as they are provided with proper exercise. They are highly energetic, and hence exercise is very much important for their mental as well as physical well-being. This breed is prone to skin infections. The average life span of a healthy Chinese Chongqing is about 18 years.

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