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Carpathian Shepherd dog Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Romania, and was used by Romanian farmers to control and guard their herds. They were also used as watch dogs and also as guard dogs. This breed is large in size, and is very strong. They are deep chested and have a long body. Their skull is narrow in appearance. Their muzzle is strong and is also oval in shape. The coat covering the body of this breed is straight and also rough in texture, at the same time, the undercoat is soft and also smooth in texture. They are available in sandy colour, with white patched all over the body. This breed is always very alert and also watchful, and hence are perfect choice as watch dogs. They are calm and also gentle in nature. They are loving and also affectionate towards their master and also the family. They are keen to please their master and hence are easy to handle. This breed is fast learners and are also easy to train. They should be trained by a calm as well as firm trainer, as this breed does not respond well towards harsh treatment from their master. They are generally calm and playful around kids, but there are also chances that they may accidently hurt them, hence they should never be left alone with kids. This breed can get aggressive when around strangers and also other unfamiliar animals, and hence to avoid such a situation this breed should be socialized properly from an early stage. The average height and weight of a healthy male Carpathian shepherd dog is 66 cm to 75 cm, and 54 to 58 kg respectively. In case of female Carpathian shepherd dogs, the average height and weight are 59 cm to 65 cm, and 53 kg to 55 kg respectively. This breed is not suitable for apartment life, and they enjoy best in countryside, where they can run around and burn off their energy. If you do not have a herd to control, then this breed should be taken out for daily exercise. They should be brushed daily to avoid matting of their hair. The average life span of this breed is 12 years to 14 years.

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