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Carolina Dog Breed Information

This breed was initially developed in America, and was used as hunters, working dogs and also household companion. They are now used as watch dogs, guard dogs, and also as trackers. They have great resemblance with Dingo breed. They are well built and medium I size. Their chest is deep and stomach is tucked in. they are powerful and stocky. They look a lot like sight hounds. They have long necks, and powerful jaws. They have long tail, carried down like a fish hook. Their body is covered with tight and also short coat, which is dense and thick in texture. They are available in shades of red and cream colour. They are basically hunting dogs, and hence show all the natural instincts of a hunter. This breed is hard to train but if trained properly they can be great household pets. They should be trained by a patient and also confident leader. They are intelligent and also smart. They can be shy around strangers, but proper socialization can ease out this problem. They are generally calm and gentle towards other household pets, but can be aggressive around strange animals. They are affectionate and gentle towards kids, but they should never be left alone. They are loyal and also devoted towards their master. They have an independent mind, and can become dominating at certain times. They can also be protective and fearless when an essential situation arises. They are always keen to defend their master and also family. They love to spend their time with humans, and do not like to be left alone. It can be hard for them to adjust in unfamiliar places, this can also avoided with proper socialization. The average height of a healthy Carolina Dog is 45 cm to 61 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 15 kg to 20 kg. They are not suitable to live in apartments; they at least need a huge yard to burn off their energy. They are highly energetic dogs, and hence daily exercise is a must for them. They should be taken out for walks regularly. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 15 years.

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