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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in the year 1200 BC, in Cardigan. This breed was mainly used as herding dogs and also farm dogs, and hence they are basically working dogs. Now this breed is also used as family companions. This breed is very rare out of their native countries. This breed has a long body. They are small in height but are compact and also well built. Their head is long with an average length muzzle, which is narrow towards the end. The teeth of this breed form scissor bite. They have small ears, which are erect and also form triangular shapes. The tail of this breed is medium in length and is covered with hairs. This breed has short neck and also short legs. Their feet are large in size and also round in shape. The bod of this breed is covered with a double coat. The outer coat is short and also wavy and at the same time the undercoat is thick and also protective. They are available in brindle, fawn, tan and also black combinations. This breed is very friendly and also loving. They are generally calm and also gentle in nature. They are very sweet natured. This breed loves to spend time with family and easily gets attached to them. They are smart, intelligent and also fast learners, and hence this breed can be easily trained. They should be trained by firm but also calm trainer, as this breed does not respond well towards harsh treatments. They are friendly and gentle towards children and also other household pets. This breed is always very watchful and also alert, and hence they make excellent watch dogs. They are also fearless and defensive of their master and makes perfect guard dogs.The average height and weight of a healthy male Cardigan Welsh Corgi is 25 cm to 33 cm and 11 kg to 14 kg respectively. In case of females, the average height and weight are, 25 cm to 33 cm and 11 kg to 14 kg. This breed can easily adjust in an apartment, but make sure that they are provided with sufficient exercise. This breed is prone to eating disorders, PRA, and also back glaucoma. The average life span of this breed is 12 years to 14 years.

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