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Cairn Terrier Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Scotland around the year 1500. This breed was used in farms to hunt down rats and also foxes. Cairn terrier was recognized by the American kennel Club in the year 1913. This breed is small in size, but is powerfully built. They have a wide head, with a broad and also strong muzzle. Their teeth are either set in level bite or in scissor bite. They have small ears, which is erect and triangular in shape. Their ears and also tail are covered with short hairs. This breed is double coated, with a harsh and rough outer coat, which is weather resistant and also a soft and smooth undercoat. This breed is available in various shades like, brindle, red, brown, black and also grey. They are watchful and also alert all the time. This breed is generally, calm, pleasant and also very friendly. This breed is excellent companions for children, as they love spending time and playing with them. They should be kept away from small animals like hare and also hamsters, as they ae basically vermin hunter and their natural instincts tends them to chase small animals. They are good diggers and love to dig holes around your yard. They are fearless and brave breed. They tend to be aggressive around other people but this can be avoided with proper socialization from an early age. They can be dominating and also stubborn at times. This should be avoided with proper training. They should be trained firm, strong willed and patient leader. The average height and weight of a healthy male Cairn terrier is 25 cm to 33 cm, and 6 kg to 8 kg respectively. In case of females, the average height and weight is 23 cm to 30 cm, and 6 kg to 8 kg respectively. They are perfect apartment pets, but being work dogs, they should be properly exercised. Make sure that you always have activities for this breed to perform, or else they will get bored easily, and hen bored they can be quiet stubborn. They should be taken out for daily walks and occasional off the leash play, in a safe place. This breed is hard to groom, as their hairs tends to matt easily, in order to avoid matting, they should be brushed daily. The average life span of this breed is 12 years to 15 years.

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