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Broholmer Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Denmark, and is believed to have existed since the middle ages. They were used as hunting dogs. Later they were also used as guard dogs and also farm dogs. They are classified as working dogs. This breed is very large in size. They are powerful and strong. They are swift and athletic. They have a huge head, and a muscular neck. They are deep chested. They have low hanging tail. The coat covering the body of this breed is short and also thick. They are available in black and golden combination. This breed is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. This breed is usually very calm and also pleasant. They are alert and watchful all the times. This breed should be properly trained and also socialized from an early age. If they are not properly trained, they might develop behavioural disorders. They can be aggressive when around strangers and also other unfamiliar animals. They are very protective of their family and also master. They are calm around children, and also love to play with them. They are loud and also frequent barkers. This breed is very energetic and active. They are watchful and alert at all the times and are hence great choice as watchdogs. The average height and also weight of male Broholmer is, 75 cm to 78 cm, and 42 kg to 69 kg, respectively. In case of female Broholmers, the average height and weight is 4 kg to 59 kg and 70 cm respectively. This breed is not suitable for apartment life. They are loud barkers and can hence create disturbance. As mentioned this breed is very energetic and active, and hence if they are confined in a small space, they will tend to get bored and also destructive. They at least need a large yard to run around and be happy. Daily exercise is very important for them to remain mentally as well as physically stable. This breed is very easy to groom. Their short coat needs daily bushing and also combing. They should be bathed once in every month. The average life expectancy of this breed is 7 years to 12 years.

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