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Brazilian Terrier Breed Information

As the name indicates, this breed was originally developed in Brazil. This breed was registered by the American Kennel Club, in the year 1973. They were used for hunting purposes. They were also used as working dogs in the earlier days. The skull of this breed is flat, with a short muzzle. The tail of this breed is usually docked right after their birth, but if left natural, they are narrow long, and also sickle shaped towards the end. They have folded ears, which forms a V shape. They have an alert and also watchful expression in their face. The body of this breed is covered with a short coat, which is very smooth in appearance. They are available in colours varying from, blur, black and also brown combinations. They are very smart and also intelligent breed. They are very playful in nature. They like to spend most of their time playing with their master. They are great watchdogs and also good barkers. They have excellent sense of smell, and are great trackers. They are very loyal as well as devoted to their master, and are very keen to get affection from their master. They are very easy to train and also handle. They are calm and also gentle when they are with children. They should be properly trained and also socialized in order to avoid aggression towards strangers and also other behavioural problems. They should not be left off the leash in unsafe places as they tend to chase smaller animals like hares and rodents. The average height of a healthy Brazilian terrier is 37 cm to 42 cm, and the average weight is 7 kg to 10 kg. They are not suitable for apartment life, as they can get aggressive if they are confined in a small space. Exercise is a must for them as this breed is very energetic and also active. Exercise helps them to get mentally and also physically stimulated. They should be regularly brushed and also combed. Brazilian terriers are generally very healthy. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 14 years.

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