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Border terrier Breed Information

Border terrier was originally developed in Cheviot Hills, which is located in the border of Scotland and England. It is believed that the Border Terrier is one among the oldest breeds of terrier found in Britain. This breed was used as farm dogs, in the farms located near to border in order to scare away vermin and also foxes. But today this breed is mostly used as companion dogs and also household pets. The British Kennel Club recognized Border Terrier in the year 1920, and American kennel Club recognized the breed in the year 1930. They are used as hunting dogs, trackers, watchdogs, and also as show dogs. They are small in size, and are muscular in appearance. They have a narrow body. Their muzzle is broad as well as short. Their teeth form scissor bite. They have small dropped V shaped ears. The coat covering the body of this breed is short, dense and also wiry. They are available in tan, wheaten, grizzle and also in blue and tan combination. Border terriers are very alert and also watchful. They are great hunters and also trackers. They are very playful around children. Border terriers are very loving and also affectionate in nature. They are keen to please their master and hence are easy to train and handle. They are great choice a watch dogs. They are barkers, but are not usually aggressive. This breed should be properly socialised and trained or else they might develop behavioural disorders. They are usually gentle and also calm around other pets in the house, but they have a natural tendency to chase and hunt small animals like rabbits and squirrels. The average height and also weight of a healthy border terrier is 33 cm to 43 cm and 6 kg to 7 kg, respectively. The average height and weight of female border terriers are 28 cm to 37 cm, and 5 kg to 6 kg. They can easily adapt in an apartment, but they should be provided with plenty of exercise. They are very energetic and also active. They should be taken out for daily walks and also jogs, in order to spend off their energy. The average life expectancy of this breed is 15 years.

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