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Boerboel Breed Information

Boerboel was originally developed in Africa. They belong to the mastiff family. They are believed to have developed in the year 1820. They are very large in size, and are also highly smart. They are muscular in appearance. Their head is board and also deep. They have filled cheek. They have wide muzzle with large nostrils. They have narrow, deep and broad jaws. Their teeth are set in scissor bite. They have low hung ears in the shape of a V. their neck is strong and strong and also muscular. They are broad chested. Their tail is short in length. The coat covering the body of this breed is thick and also very glossy in texture. They are very smart and also intelligent. They are highly reliable, alert and watchful. They act as good guard dogs. They are very brave and also fearless. They are very caring and loving towards its master. They are very playful when among kids, and are very protective of them. They are also calm around other household pets. They are also very fearless. They are very protective of their master, family and also property. They will never allow an unfamiliar person enter the house, unless they are made familiar with visitors. They should be trained by a confident calm and also firm trainer. The average height and weight of a healthy male Boerboel is 64 cm to 71 cm and 70kg to 91 kg respectively. In the case of female Boerboel, the average height and weight of this breed is 59 cm to 67 cm, and 68 kg to 87 kg. They are not suitable to live in an apartment. They at least require a large yard to run around and also play. They should be left off leash as they are very protective and can become aggressive towards unfamiliar intruders. They should be provided with their daily long walks or daily jogging. They are easy to groom, and only require minimum care. They should be brushed or combed daily, and should be bathed once in every month. They are generally very healthy breed, and their average life expectancy is 10 years.

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