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Blue Lacy Breed Information

Blue lacy, was developed by 4 brothers of the Lacy family in Texas. This breed was bred from coyote; grey hounds ND also scent hounds, around in the year 1858. They were initially used as hunting dogs, but they were also used as hunting companions and household pets. This breed is medium in size and is also very powerful. They are swift and are strong. They have a short coat covering their skin, which is smooth in texture. They are available in shades of blue, silver, charcoal, red brown and cream. In some dogs you can fine white coloration on their chest and also under the stomach. They are very smart dogs, brave and also very active in nature. They were used as working dogs, and also as herd dogs to control cattle. In the earlier days they were famous among cowboys and hunters also. They were mainly used to hunt wild boars. They are very protective of their space and territory, and tend to get aggressive when they are invaded. They should be trained by a firm, confident but also calm leader. They need loads of physical exercise to keep them mentally and also physically active. They are quick learners and hence can be easily trained. The average height of a healthy Blue lacy is 47 cm to 59 cm. The average weight of a healthy Blue Lacy is 14 kg to 24 kg. They are comfortable in both indoors as well as outdoors. Be careful not to confine them in a small space, if you do so they tend to get destructive and also naughty. They should be kept busy as they are basically working dogs and has a lot of energy in them. They should be taken out daily for long walks and also for an occasional off the leash play. They require no additional grooming. Their coat is very easy to handle, as they are smooth and soft. They should be brushed every day, and bathed once in every month. This breed is usually very healthy apart from the occasional skin infection and clear dilution alopecia. The average life span of a healthy Blue Lacy is 16 years and also more in some cases.

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