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Blood Hound Breed Information

The bloodhound is believed to have existed in the world for about 1000 years. This breed is also called Flemish hound, and was developed in Belgium. They were used as hunters, but they never killed the game. They were also used as trackers. Today this breed is used both as a hunter, and as a companion dog. They are pleasant and easy to handle breed. They are massive in size and are also very powerful. They have a long and narrow head, which is in proportion to its body. They long muzzle, and also soft hanging ears. . They have lots of wrinkles all over their body. Their tail is high set tail, which is slightly curved towards the end. The coat covering their skin is wrinkled, and also short. It has a hard texture. They are available in twenty and red combination, liver and a combination, and also in black and tan combination. They are very loving and also affectionate breed. They are gentle and well-mannered in nature. They love, caring and also frequent petting. They are very calm and gentle towards children and would never try to hurt them, even if the children hurt the breed. They are active and also highly energetic. They should be trained by a firm and also calm trainer, as they can be sensitive to harsh treatment. They are great trackers. They are usually friendly with strangers, and sometimes may bark to indicate the presence of a stranger. They should be trained well, so that they don't get too attached to strangers. They are droolers, and also have the tendency to snore and bark frequently. The average height and weight of a healthy male Bloodhound is 64 cm to 70 cm, and 41 kg to 51 kg respectively. In case of females, the average height of blood hounds is 59 cm to 64 cm and 37 kg to 46 kg, respectively. They can adapt well in an apartment but, you should take care that they are given enough exercise. They should be taken out daily for long walks, but be careful not to overtire them. They are prone to health conditions like hip dysplasia, entropion, and also other eye infections. There are chances that this breed would bloat; hence they should have a strict diet. The average life span of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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