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BernerLaufhund Breed Information

BernerLaufhund, is from the family of scent hounds, and was originally developed in Switzerland. This breed is medium in size and s very strong and powerful. In the earlier days this breed was used as hunting dogs. They are believed to have originated around the 9th century. They have very god sense of smell and are excellent trackers. They are considered to be the best hunting breed in the whole world. They have a long and also lean body. They are powerfully built. They have a noble head, and are deep chested dogs. Their legs are strong and are also powerfully built. Based on their coat variations this breed can be classified into four. BernerNeiderlaufhund, is the short and wire haired ones in the breed. This breed is usually found in the combination of three colours. Jura Neiderlaufhund, has a smooth and silky coat. They have pigmented coat with white spots covering their chest. LuzernerNeiderlaufhund, are short coated. They are available in white colour, as well as white and lack combination. SchwyzerNeiderlaufhund, has a smooth coat covering their body, and are available in white and red combination. This breed is very good trackers and have an excellent sense of smell. They are very friendly breed, and never become aggressive towards strangers. They are smart and intelligent. They are friendly and playful when among kids. They can be dangerous to smaller animals in the house, and in order to avoid that they should be properly trained and also socialized. They do not react well with harsh training. They should be trained by a calm, gentle but also firm leader. The average height of this breed is 33 cm to 34 cm. This breed can easily adjust in apartments, but make sure that you provide them with regular exercise. This breed is very energetic and active; they should be taken out for long walk and also jogs. If not they can get destructive. Exercise is very important for this breed to remain mentally and also physically stable. They should be brushed and also combed daily. Laufhunds are generally very healthy breed, but in certain cases hip dysplasia can be found. The average lifespan of this breed is 11 years to 14 years.

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