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Beagle Breed Information

Beagle was first developed around the year 1500, in England. This breed was used as hunting dogs, and also as family dogs. They were used hunt rabbits, wild boars, and deer and also foxes. Beagle has high resemblance towards foxhound, and also appears like a miniature form of it. Their ears are wide, long and hanging. They have round and also firm feet. The coat covering their body is medium in length. It is smooth and also hard in texture. They are available in different colours varying from black, white, tan, lemon, and also in tricolours. They have a peculiar bark, when they are hunting. They usually express a sweet and also gentle composure. They are usually friendly with all the people. They are fearless and also intelligent. They are very friendly towards children and all other dogs. They can get aggressive around non canine pets. They can stubborn and show improper behaviours at certain times. This can be solved by proper socialization an also firm training. They are used in the narcotics department as sniffer dogs. The average weight and height of this breed n males is 1 kg to 12 g, and 17 cm to 41 cm. in females, the average weight and height can be noted as 8kg to 10kg and 33 cm to 39 cm. they can live comfortably in an apartment if they are provided with regular exercise. They ae very active and also has immense stamina, and hence they need lots of exercise. Daily long walks can be a good exercise for them. They are easy to groom. They requires only minimum grooming. They should be brushed and also combed daily. Their ears should be regularly checked for any kind of ear infection. The major health issues affecting this breed are, eye infections, cardiac based diseases, back problems, and also epilepsy. They are also prone to dwarfism, and mast cell tumour. Over weight can be an issue among Beagles. They should not be over fed. Over weight can also cause heart diseases. The average life span of a healthy beagle is 10 years to 12 years.

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